My blood pressure

My Blood Pressure


Contains great features most of which are free.


Designed to track your blood pressure measurements in an easy and elegant way.

My Blood Pressure app makes it easy to store, analyze and manage your blood pressure readings in a one place on your device (mobile or pc). 


No login or creating account is needed to use My Blood Pressure app.


My Blood Pressure stores your blood pressure measurements (Systolic, Diastolic and Pulse) and automatically calculates and analyses your blood pressure zone. The app also provides a beautiful graphics and statistics. Your doctor will be amazed by the charts, which will help him with his diagnosis.


My Blood Pressure app can manage in a one place measurements for yourself, for your family, your parent, etc. It can be installed on any device: phone, tablet and PC (android/win).

My Blood Pressure app can also be your companion app to help you against hypertension. 


With My BloodPressure you can also:

  • Back up your reading records on your personal Dropbox.

  • Synchronize your reading records between your devices where My Blood Pressure is installed (Android, Win).

  • Generate by one click a PDF report for your records and print it or send it to your health care.

  • Consult the history of archived records for period of time of your choice.


Many reasons that let you loving this app:

  • Supports unlimited users (for example family members).

  • Easy screens, Easy recording of readings within a short time.

  • Comprehensive graphs and statistics.

  • Unlimited data records.

  • Unlimited data import/export to your personal Dropbox account at your need in secured and encrypted way.

  • PDF reports to download or send to your doctor.

  • No registration or account is required: all your data are stored on your device.

  • No collection of information that contributes to your identification.



  • My Blood Pressure will help you to summarize what your readings means and prepare them for your doctor. 

  • My Blood Pressure cannot replace the care of a physician and is for informational purposes only.

  • Please consult your doctor about treatment issues.

  • You need a real blood pressure monitor to measure your pressure.


You are free to archive unlimited blood pressure readings. Install it now.

We provide good support if you encounter any issues​.​​


I love this developers apps. This one has graphs and stats as well and is is super easy to use!! Check out his "My Vaccinations" app, great for adults and kids for your entire vaccination history, not just covid vaccines.



Emma Rosenberg

I am rather happy with this bloodpressure app, it covers very well my basic needs, and it's rather intuitive. Having a PC version is a big plus for me. The pdf report is very nice and I don't have to manipulate exported data in a spreadsheet to share with my doctor.

DAVE Wilson

Perfect for my needs. Record BP and give a nice graph with export options. Very easy to use.







Wanda King

Helps me keep track for my doctor appointments. I aways have my phone but I don't always have my notepad. Easy to email results with doctor too.