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My LabTests


Archive any kind of your laboratory test results.


Contains great features and all of them are free.

My LabTests app is designed to make it easy to archive and manage all your laboratory tests in a one place on your device.

No login or creating account is needed to use My LabTests app.


With My LabTests app, you can easily archive any kind of laboratory test such as CBC test, PT test, Basic Metabolic Panel test, Lipid Panel, Liver Panel, etc. You can generate dynamically your fields and manage them for any kind of laboratory test.

All data is stored solely on the device. The app does not have access to the Internet. The only situation you need internet is when you want to make a backup on your personal Dropbox account.


How can this app help you?

  • You archive and manage any kind of Laboratory test in an easy way in one place.

  • You generate by one click a PDF report for a specific laboratory test result and print it.

  • You can consult the history of archived laboratory tests.

  • My LabTests can support many persons (family members).

  • Time saving & easier interesting way for archiving laboratory tests results.


Six reasons you will love this app:

  • Archive a laboratory test within a short time.

  • Less hassles of paperwork.

  • Good organization of tests in one place.

  • Tests are secured, encrypted and stored in your personal Dropbox account.

  • Easy screens.

  • My LabTest App is free.


You are free to archive unlimited Lab test results. Install it now.​​

We provide good support if you encounter any issues.

My LabTests app contains great features and all of them are FREE.
We're always working hard to provide you new features that you like.

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