my vaccinations

My Vaccinations


Contains great features most of which are free.


My Vaccinations app is great for adults and kids for your entire vaccination history, not just covid vaccines. You can manage, in a one place, any vaccine for yourself, for your children, your parent, your pet as your dog or your cat, etc. 

​No login or creating account is needed to use My Vaccinations app.


My Vaccinations app is employed as a record for all vaccines you have got received since your birth. This app stores any vaccine on your device (phone, tablet or pc) in a simple and modern way.


Allows you to store and manage, in one place on your device, all types of vaccines you, your children and also your pets have received since birth.


My Vaccinations supports many languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish.


With My Vaccinations app you can also:

  • Backup/Restore your vaccine records on your personal Dropbox,

  • Synchronize your vaccine records between your devices where My Vaccinations app is installed,

  • Generate by one click a PDF report for your vaccine records and print it or send it for ex. to health professional.

  • Consult the history for any vaccination.

  • My Vaccinations app can support many persons (for example family members).


Eight reasons you will love this app:

  • No login or creating an account is required to use the app.

  • All features in this app are free.

  • Record a vaccine within a short time.

  • Good organization of vaccine records.

  • Data are secured, encrypted and stored in your personal Dropbox account.

  • Easy and modern screens.

  • You are free to add any number of vaccines.

  • It can be used for your pet with its own profile.


You are free to archive unlimited vaccinations. Install it now, we provide good support if you encounter any issues.