my vehicles

My Vehicles


Designed to manage and document all your vehicle's expenses of all types in one place.


My Vehicles is the most featured application for expenses management on vehicles in the store. My Vehicles manages and documents all your vehicle's expenses of all types in one place.


No login or creating account is needed to use My Vehicles app.


My Vehicles is very easy to use, it tracks and logs your mileage, fuel economy, maintenance, and services costs for any kind of vehicle.


PDF reports
You can Generate more PDF reports for your expenses; Very easy to register your expenses in a structured way.


Log all fuel and maintenance expenses
Expenses include consideration of fuel recurring expenses, Annual expenses, etc. The data is presented in a clear and easy to read manner in all the sections of the app that are dedicated to keeping the stats at hand and there are quite a few of those.
Measurement units used for EVERY vehicle is another option you have at your disposal; My Vehicles supports Metric and Imperial units, as well as a considerable number of currencies.

My Vehicles makes it possible for you to add reminders for any of the expense types it has in store and you can add custom texts, choose the recurrence profile and exact time for the beginning and the expiration of the reminders.


Stats and graphs, with OneDrive backup abilities
My Vehicles is able to provide several types of reports, so you can check out the fuel expenses or the other categories of expenditures, for most of them providing some relevant graphical representations. All the data hosted inside My Vehicles can be safeguarded by exporting it to your OneDrive account, from where it can be retrieved at any moment.


PRIVACY My Vehicles never transfers your location anywhere.