rx logger 

Rx Logger


Rx Logger app is designed to make it easy to archive prescriptions (Rx) and share them as PDF or print them.

With Rx Logger app, users can easily archive different types of medical prescriptions such as treatments, referrals or reports.


Our Rx Logger app can be used for you, your family and also for your pets.


No login or creating account is needed to use Rx Logger app.


How can this app help you?

  • You archive and manage various prescriptions in an easy way in one place.

  • You generate by one click a PDF report for a specific prescription and share or print it.

  • You can consult the history of archived prescriptions.

  • Rx Logger can support many persons (for example family members).

  • Time saving & easier interesting way for archiving medications.


Seven reasons you will love this app:

  • Organize all health documents in one place.

  • Archive a prescription within a short time.

  • Less hassles of paperwork.

  • Good organization of users information.

  • Data are secured, encrypted and stored in your personal Dropbox account.

  • Easy screens.


You are free to archive unlimited prescriptions. Install it now. We provide good support if you encounter any issues.