Healthy eating and immunity





Nutrition is the basis for the health of the body and the strengthening of its immunity to fully play its role in the fight against viruses. Moreover, a healthy diet does not only depend on one type of food, but must include an integrated health system that includes certain types.


Proper nutrition for good health that resists diseases

Varied food does not cause obesity even if it is eaten in large quantities. The more healthy and varied the food, the better the health and the more active the immune system.
The immune system is the body's first line of defense, and its importance lies not only in preventing infection, but also in contributing to the effectiveness and acceleration of treatment after infection.
The immune system, in turn, prevents the entry of foreign bodies into the body as it fights and eliminates them. This is of great importance, especially in the case of viral infections that are not scientifically treated with antibiotics, and their treatment depends on the general health of the body and the efficiency of the immune system.


What to do?

To follow a healthy regime, practices that cover many aspects of life must be adhered too. For example, a continuous sleep for 7-8 hours at night for an adult and avoiding staying up late plays a major role in maintaining the health of the body. In other hand, fatigue and insomnia also cause a decrease in white blood cells, which are the body's first line of defense.
As an essential point in maintaining the general health of the body, physical activity must be exercised and kinetic inactivity should be avoided. Sports help to strengthen the body and activate the circulatory system and blood circulation in the arteries. It is essential to maintain healthy metabolic levels in the body.


Avoid bad habits that harm your health


Malnutrition is common in our time due to multiple environmental and societal changes, and malnutrition exposes the person to several health conditions that harm the general health of the body. Diseases of the digestive system, such as gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers and irritable bowel are examples.

The causes of malnutrition in our societies are the high consumption of bad fats and sugars at the expense of other food groups such as vegetables, fruits and protein, in addition to the high consumption of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, which are considered a negative impact on the health and immunity of the body.


Be sure to have healthy nutrition that strengthen your health

According to the foregoing, the concern for healthy nutrition is by following a healthy lifestyle, in which you are keen to eat a varied and balanced diet that ensures the consumption of various types of basic food groups, which are vegetables, fruits and meat (including red meat, birds, seafood, legumes and eggs), and the group of milk and its derivatives, the group of starches consisting of sugars and grains.


Be sure to have good habits that strengthen your health

Moderate physical activity should be exercised for 45 minutes on 3-5 days per week. Among the physical activities that studies have proven important in improving general health and preventing disease is brisk walking, swimming, and cardio exercises, such as rope-jumping.


Don't forget water

We do not always forget that the basis of our bodies is water, so maintaining the body’s balance and hydration is very important, and it is done by drinking at least 2 liters of water per day for an adult, which is equal to 9 cups with a capacity of 240 ml.


Important foods and drinks that you should not forget


As we mentioned, there are types of foods and drinks that contribute to strengthening the immune system within an integrated health program, and these include:
● Green tea is one of the richest drinks in antioxidants that fights free radicals in the body and purifies it from toxins.
● Garlic, which is rich in sulfur, selenium and antioxidants, is a natural antibiotic.
● Milk, which is a source of beneficial bacteria that prevents the reproduction of harmful bacteria in the stomach and intestines, which improves and enhances the work of the digestive system, as the stomach is the home of disease and its safety is reflected on the body and its health in full.
● Fish and seafood that provide the body with omega-3 fatty acid, which works to strengthen white blood cells, and among the richest seafood in omega-3 is mackerel, salmon and sardines.
● Food rich in beta-carotene, which contributes to strengthening the immune system and white blood cells, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, apricots and tomatoes.
● Honey, which is a food fortifying the body and a source of energy and an important alternative to white sugar that is harmful to health.
● Food rich in vitamin C is one of the most important elements to stimulate blood circulation and revitalize the body, in addition to its great role in strengthening the immune system, and the most important examples of which are citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges and other varieties such as kiwi and strawberries.


In conclusion

Maintaining healthy and proper nutrition is not related to the existence of a pandemic or a spreading epidemic, especially in the current era where diseases are widespread, and since we are always vulnerable to viral infections. The goal of each person should be to maintain a healthy diet, and to adhere to a lifestyle aimed at maintaining the body's immunity as efficiently as possible.