Many questions are asked by people about walking like: 
What are the benefits of walking?
Does walking reduce blood pressure?
How much walking should I do a day?
What happens when you walk 1 hour everyday?
Which time is best for walking?
How many days a week should I walk?
Is it better to walk before or after you eat?


Experts recommend walking for at least an hour a day, to ensure the health of the body and to keep it strong and free from disease.




It is best to practice walking properly 3 times a week, for a period of at least an hour or for example every day for a half of an hour, taking into account not to stop unless necessary.


It is best to practice walking on an empty stomach, and not to walk immediately after eating; It is because the blood circulation is active after eating and the harm become more than the benefit.


It is better to walk before breakfast early in the morning, or after eating three hours, and you should start gradually, it is ten minutes a day, then twenty minutes, and so on until the required period of time is reached.


It is best to wear comfortable sports clothes and shoes, and shower before and after walking for best results.




Exercising a person to walk for a minimum of one hour three times a week gives them lot of benefits. These are some of them:


1- Beneficial for the heart and lungs. Walking also helps increase blood circulation, resulting in the burning of oxygen which leads to the strengthening of the muscles of the body and the circulatory system.


2- Helps calm tense human nerves and relieve the pressures of everyday life.


3- Strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, legs and pelvis and helps to achieve a healthy body.


4- Reduces the possibility of the appearance of the rumen and helps to reduce it, as well as reduce the huge buttocks. This is because walking helps the body lose excess calories, consume excess body fat, and reduce saggy abdomen and skin, which are caused by weight loss.


5- Reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol.


6- Reduces joint pain to help soften them, their activity and ease of movement, and also helps relieve muscle tension and spasms.


7- Treats indigestion problem, cases of chronic constipation and colon spasms; It helps move the bowels, relieves gas, colon pain and empties them.


8- Improves the natural breathing process. This is because walking strengthens the chest and respiratory muscles and helps increase lung expansion, improve lung function and reduce the severity of respiratory disease.


9- Helps to treat or relieve certain chronic injuries such as herniated discs of the dorsal vertebrae.


10- It also removes the toxic fat accumulated in the rumen area.


11- Helps delay aging diseases and improve memory.


12- Helps prevent cancer, diabetes and many other diseases that have not yet been discovered.



The sport of walking helps the person to develop muscles and burn calories and it has many benefits for the body and the brain including: sending a feeling of happiness. Walking has remarkable results in eliminating anxiety, stress and depression, in addition to improving mood in general and preventing a lot of diseases.